Hello world! Glitch showcase

Spending long, frustrating hours writing complex graphics code and then finally seeing the results of your work come to life in front of you is the second best feeling in the world. The best feeling is, of course, admiring the flashy accidental art that happens when the code doesn’t quite work correctly. After every “mainline” post I’ll be sharing the wildest bugs I managed to capture around the same time as the events of the post. Enjoy! (Consider all videos of this series to have an epilepsy warning.)

Surprise edge detection
Whenever making any graphical change, make sure you have bloom enabled
A classic case of vertexplosion
Oh. Okay
Mind your layouts, kids
They’re trying to summon Batman
Gameplay in the shadow realm
Do not dip your blocks in acid
Almost correct tetris
I don’t know what this texture is
Every vertex’s gone to the rapture
It’s at the bottom of the well, and it’s angry
I recommend not clearing your color buffers once in a while
Qbert says Hello world!
Bloom taken to the limits of floating-point
Party in the shadow realm
The prettiest image I have ever saved